Meet Vitabrid C12, a brand-new, proprietary form of active Vitamin C being used for the 1st time in hair and skincare



SEOUL, South KoreaAug. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Korean beauty leader, Vitabrid C12, is proud to announce the launch of their Vitamin C driven skin and haircare products in Barneys New York stores and on, the exclusive U.S. retailer of the brand. Available now, this also marks Vitabrid C12 as the 1st Korean beauty brand to ever be launched exclusively at Barneys. The line is based on the creation of Vitabrid CG, a brand-new proprietary Vitamin C complex, never used in a beauty line before (certified as a new material by the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary).

Traditional Vitamin C is proven to be beneficial to the skin, brightening skin tone, boosting collagen levels, and producing an antioxidant effect. For hair, it can strengthen thinning and weakening strands, prevent hair loss, and protect the scalp from UV exposure. But until now, the full potential of Vitamin C has not been realized due to its unstable nature. This is all about to change with the introduction of Vitabrid C12.

"We are thrilled to officially enter the U.S. market with Barneys New York as our exclusive retailer," says Ron Choi, Global Business Manager of Vitabrid C12. "This partnership is in line with our goal to become an authority in K-beauty innovations and excellence. With our launch in a retailer as esteemed and prestigious as Barneys, we hope to continue and expand upon the growth we have already seen in Europe and Asia."

"We are excited to bring Vitabrid C12 exclusively to Barneys New York customers in the U.S.," said Jennifer Miles, Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Cosmetics, Barneys New York. "Our customers are always looking for the latest in skincare innovations, and Vitabrid C12's Vitamin C complex provides outstanding benefits."

Vitabrid CG, the main component of Vitabrid C12, specializes in delivering active Vitamin C in a stable form through the use of a patented Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Technology. This proprietary organic-inorganic hybrid technology encapsulates active Vitamin C between bio-friendly mineral layers to deliver active Vitamin C continuously for over 12 hours, deep into the skin and scalp, down to the dermis. For skin, it smooths wrinkles, diminishes age spots and restores tone and firmness. As a skin-applied Vitamin C promoting collagen development underneath the skin, this results in younger, brighter looking skin. It even protects from the damaging effects of UV rays. For hair, Vitabrid CG stimulates collagen synthesis and scavenges free radicals in the scalp, preventing or delaying hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. Vitamin C is the most definitive and the safest substance for boosting collagen synthesis in the scalp, improving metabolism and making hair stronger.

Vitabrid CG was developed at South Korea's prestigious Ewha Woman's University. The core technology was recognized as one of the most innovative technologies by MRS and C&EN. In addition to these accolades, the brand received the Trendsetter Award at Cosmoprof North America, an award given to companies with the potential to lead future trends. Monde Selection of Belgium, also known as the Nobel Prize in the field of cosmetics, chose Vitabrid SKIN and HAIR as the Grand Gold Award winners in 2016 and 2017. The brand has won other prestigious awards globally over the last two years.

The August 7th launch introduces 8 Vitamin C based products priced from USD$25 - USD$80. The brand's star product is Vitabrid C12 FACE Brightening Powder (USD$60):  a 12-hour global innovation that continuously supplies Vitamin C to the skin (24-hour vitamin C delivery if used twice a day). This powder form Vitamin C cosmetic is mixed on the spot with any liquid skincare product or water to assure most effective use. This highly potent Vitamin C complex helps brighten and minimize fine lines and wrinkles through collagen synthesis.


Hyundai IBT develops and commercializes DDS (Drug Delivery System) platform technologies for safe and efficient delivery of drugs and active ingredients to the body, built by our proprietary Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Technologies. Using their next-generation bio hybrid technologies that enable safe delivery of active ingredients deep into the skin, Hyundai IBT has successfully developed treatments for refractory skin diseases, first presenting to the world a new paradigm of skin disease treatments with vitamin C, not medicine. Hyundai IBT's key accomplishments include Vitabrid CG powder, a compound of vitamin C with mineral for topical application, and other powder compounds of drugs or active ingredients for various skin diseases. They have filed and registered patents for such new materials, followed with ceaseless clinical tests to verify safety and efficacy. Hyundai IBT strives to be 'World's First, World's Best' bio firm, ultimately presenting break-through cancer treatment solutions with intelligent tumor-targeted drug delivery technologies.


BARNEYS NEW YORK (Barneys) is a luxury specialty retailer renowned for having the most discerning edit from the world's top designers, including women's and men's ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and gifts for the home. Barneys' signature sense of wit and style is manifested in its creative advertising campaigns, original holiday themes, and celebrated window displays. Founded as a men's retailer in 1923 in downtown Manhattan, it became an international arbiter of high style for both women and men in the 1970s, renowned for discovering and developing new and innovative design talent. Today, Barneys New York operates flagship stores uptown on Madison Avenue and downtown in Chelsea in New York City, as well as additional flagships in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, along with a preeminent luxury online store,, as well as 16 other stores and outlets across the United States. For more information about Barneys New York, please visit and explore its luxury content site, The Window, for an insider's look into the Barneys world: a behind-the-scenes visit with exciting designers, fashion, events, and the Barneys team.

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*This article was first published on on 09 August 2017