Product headline

Premium home care with Vitabrid ® and Peptide Complex


Product description
Our method of combining two ampoules results in a synergistic effect allowing for effective recovery of the skin both internally and externally. Vitabrid Dual Serum has a significant anti-aging effect while enhancing the skin’s natural strength by forming a skin barrier.


Product benefits
• Skin brightening: Vitamin C, a powerful brightening ingredient with antioxidant benefits, inhibits melanin production for a perfectly bright and even complexion.
• Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging: Vitamin C and Peptide Complex promotes collagen production in the skin, helping maintain vibrant and firm skin texture.
• Strong anti-oxidation benefit: Vitamin C makes skin healthy and radiant by scavenging the damaging effects of free radicals due to UV exposure, stress and pollution, helping prevent and repair visible signs of aging.


Technical details

1. Rotate the bottom of the container clockwise to release the yellow Deep Care Serum.

2. Shake the bottle to mix the clear Skin-Barrier Serum with the Deep Care Serum.

3. Apply 2-3 pumps to the skin until it is well absorbed. * Vitamin C and peptide are two of the key ingredients for skin care in this product. In order to maintain a stabilized state, they are stored separately then mixed only prior to use. Optimal effects can be seen when used within one month after mixing.


What makes this product so special?

A new anti-aging solution with PEPTIBRID™ and VITABRID®, a unique ingredient that has been completed with the world-recognized DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology. Vitamin C and Peptides have been perfected with the unique biotechnological power of Vitabrid to deliver it deeply and more effectively.


How the brand is promoted on line?

- Barneys New York Online Store ( - Vitabrid Online Store: Vitabrid Japan (, Vitabrid Korea ( in the US (coming soon), Vitabrid Russia ( - Instagram: @vitabridglobal, @vitabridusa, @vitabridmena, #vitabrid - Facebook: @vitabridglobal, @vitabridusa, @vitabridc, @vitabridC12vietnam


Why the product/formulation is innovative?

PEPTIBRID™: An evolved peptide delivery platform. PEPTIBRID (ICID name: Peptibrid), which improves the purity and penetration rate of peptides by improving the limits of 'Peptides', increases collagen synthesis and regeneration efficiency, but is limited in use due to stability and skin absorption issues. VITABRID®: Advanced biomaterials that overcome the limitations of vitamin C, which is easily oxidized, water-soluble and difficult to transfer into the skin. Vitamin C penetrates deeper into the skin in an activated state, allowing it to deliver its benefits for more than 12 hours. (ICID entry name: Vitabrid CG)

*This article was first published on Cosmoprof, submission by Hyundai IBT Co., Ltd .