Women Central and CU Cleanup Dermatology . Vitabrid C12 hair efficacy 30-day test results! 



Vitabrid C12 intoduced a hair release efficacy test by announcing it through Facebook. 30 participants were selected and received their first scalp examination at the Orientation on March 16th. After 30 consecutive days of using the product, Vitabrid conducted the first interim check to see the progress.The result was amazing as hair began to grow.


The efficacy of the hair growth test proved the results of the clinical efficacy test through public efficacy, and the expectation of the new product launch. CU Cleanup Dermatologist Shin Jong Hoon is also surprised by the results of a month. It is necessary to study whether Vitabrid C12 is applicable for hair loss treatment. Thirty days after product use, the results of the first interim check were surprising. Participants who participated in the mid-term examination showed a decrease in the number of scalp muscles, 


It thickened uniformly, and hair roots became strong. Participants who had using conventional hairdressing products were initially dubious, but after using the hair tonic for 30 days without experiencing any side effects, they were so surprised to see quick hair growth.



Q. Not only you, but also your family said that you have a lot of stress factors in your life.Have you ever tried to prevent hair loss?  
I have a family history, and I was so stressed out that I was getting married at a late age. So I changed the shampoo for hair loss, and tried drinking less alcohol as much as possible. I wanted to give up because there was no change. 


Q. Please tell me what you have used for a month. 
There was no major difficulty in using Vitabrid C12 hair products. Only on the first use, you have to mix your Vitamin C powder and tonic with your hair in the morning and evening, and then you can just spray it. There is no skin irritation or other side effects. I was feeling better because I felt the cooling effect and I felt comfortable. Vitamin C, the key ingredient in the product, captures the active oxygen of the scalp, so the more you use it, the healthier your scalp, and the pores tighten your hair. I feel it. When I wash my hair, I see that the hair fall is lesser, so, I thought the scalp condition has improved.


Q. You had your first scalp examination recently. 
I took a picture of a picture taken before the efficacy test and a picture taken after a month. It has been only a month since I used it, but I was a little surprised to see it change. At first, I was afraid that I would not see any difference. But when I saw the actual change, I had to believe it. The hair seemed to be thicker, and the hair density was only about half of the standard density at the time of the initial screening. It was measured to be up to semi-density. When I actually got a checkup, I am sure that the hair loss problem is getting better and better.


Q. I'm glad you had a change. Two months after the efficacy test, what do you expect? 
I think I will be very confident when I take my wedding photography. Before, I even thought about wearing a wig, but then I stood in front of the camera, I am confident I can take the pictures.



Q. You are a young lady. When did you have symptoms of hair loss?  
It seemed that I was gradually losing hair in my late 20s. It seemed to be progressing rapidly in my 30s, especially at the the head of the crown. Any hair style is unnatural and looks older. So I bought a hair-loss hair tonic from a famous company and continued to use it, but I was disappointed because it had no effect at all. 


Q. How did you know Vitabrid C12 Hair? 
I was worried about my hair loss. Then, I chanced on the test recruitment article posted on facebook. The product itself is familiar and ingredients are safe with Vitamin C that I trust can help prevent hair loss. Fortunately, I was able to do the test.


Q. Have you tried it for a month and what effect did you see?  
In mid-March, I received it at the dermatology clinic, and it has been about one month since I used it, every morning and evening. I felt that my bangs were thinning and was worried. But compared to the pictures taken at the OT in this examination, the hair actually became thicker and the number of hairs coming out from the pores increased a lot. It is surprising to see this effect in only one month of use with no side effects. I can not help but think that I have to use it more diligently because I see that the part of the crown that used to be losing hair is now clearly filled up.


Q. You have already experienced a change in your usage for a month, but there will be more changes in the next two months.  
Yes, I have a lot of expectations. I have been so worried because my hair style was unnaturally because of my hair loss and I am getting older. After using Vitabrid C12 hair for 2 months, I find that I am more confident and will try hard for my shining future.


*This article was first published in Vitabrid on 21 March 2017