The best version of Vitamin C for your skin!

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Hello guys,

I am super excited about today’s product review because I absolutely love them! This was sent to me by the brand to review and as always I took a month to test it out. I do this only because I actually like to try the product, test it out on my skin and give an honest review.

Anyway, today’s review is going to be AMAZING! As you know I love my Korean Skincare products and my list is ever increasing, somehow every product is better than the next. When Vitabrid C12 launched in the Middle East I had to try it out! I have been using the following two products for a month now and it’s safe to say that I will be stocking them up in my cupboard soon cause I don’t know how my skin has survived without them.

Face Brightening Powder 

The best version of Vitamin C you could find for your skin.

About the productVitabrid C12 Face Brightening Powder packs in the power of Vitamin C to help brighten and revitalize you skin for up to 12 hours

Review This has been a lovely addition to my skincare routine as I have been using it daily with my morning and night serums. Vitamin C is vital for the skin as it makes your skin healthy and radiant by minimizing the harmful effects of pollution, sun, stress, etc! I have usually seen them in the form of liquids or gels so I was super happy to see it in a powder form as I could easily mix it with my serum. The powder is said to improve your skin tone which it definitely has in my case but I cant promise about the fine lines and wrinkles because I don’t have that many. So I am not sure how effective it is for that purpose. But after a month of using, my skin sure feels a lot smoother and better overall!

DirectionsMix with your moisturizer or serum and apply to the face. Do not apply this powder as it is! Also, it comes with a little spatula to ensure you take the right amount of product (too much vitamin C is not good for your skin either!) For best results, apply twice a day in the morning and evening.

This stuff is magic, no seriously. I am not even exaggerating, just read!

About the productSpecially formulated essence that controls oil moisture balance by soothing and hydrating the skin, leaving it clean and healthy looking.

Review I have been raving about it so much to my sister and colleagues that everyone is intrigued. My sister finally caved in a few weeks back and tried it out and I think she uses it more than I do now . I apply this on my spots and acne at night and by the next morning you can already see it settling down, within 3 days it’s gone – like I said, magic! You know those painful zits that hurt before they surface? (yeah I hate them too -.-) I apply this on them twice a day and it settles them down so fast that they never even surface to the top and the pain subsides by the day as well. Here we go again, I have started raving about it yet again but you get the point!

DirectionsThis is mainly intended to be used with the Vitabrid C12 Spot powder but you can also use it by itself, which is what I have been doing. I usually apply it twice a day on troubled areas. Once it’s completely dried, I apply my daily moisturizer on top to lock it in.

Price112 Dhs (Inc. 5% VAT)

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