Vitabrid®, a new K-Beauty line just launched at Barney’s New York and I was able to try the Dual Serum (USD$75). You’ve probably heard me complain about my brown spots as the result of sun damage. I can’t tell you how many sunburns I got as a teen in Southern California before we knew the benefits of sunscreen. Now decades later that damage has reappeared as brown spots on my legs, arms, face and chest.

Vitamin C has been proven to even skin and brighten tone and help to improve texture and firmness. Vitabrid Dual Serum combines two serums in a unique Twist-to-Mix bottle. Its advanced design allows the two separate serums enclosed in each bottle to be freshly mixed together upon opening. Simply rotate the bottom of the container clockwise to release the yellow Deep Care Serum and shake the bottle to mix it with the clear Skin Barrier Serum. In order to maintain a stabilized state, they are mixed only prior to use to activate the ingredients, maintaining freshness and delivering optimal results. You can tell they are mixed when the serum turns from clear to yellow. When purchased, you will receive three one 10mL bottles–each provides a 10-day supply to ensure the serum is entirely used during its peak state of freshness.


This is a real beauty breakthrough beauties, Vitamin C needs to remain stable or it loses its efficacy and this unique packaging accomplishes that in the most unique way! This is why you may have purchased inexpensive Vitamin C serums and not had good results. This packaging is so innovative, it was a finalist for the 2018 Cosmoprof Awards!

The Vitabrid Dual Serum is easily absorbed with hybridized Vitamin C and Peptides that deliver proven anti-aging benefits and an even skin tone both internally and externally. The skin-brightening formula improves tone, texture, firmness, and elasticity while moisturizing and supplying nutrients to the skin to protect it from external stress factors. The formula has a significant anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect while keeping the skin thoroughly hydrated. I’ve seen noticeable results in just 10 days! My skin is brighter, clearer and looks refreshed! I’ll look for less prominent wrinkles after more time.

In addition to the Twist-to-Mix packaging, there are two other innovative technologies incorporated into this advanced serum: Vitabrid® and Peptibrid™.

  1. With Vitabrid®, Vitamin C is stabilized through the use of the patented Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) technology which encapsulates Vitamin C between bio-friendly mineral layers such as zinc and magnesium to deliver active Vitamin C for over 12 hours deep into the skin.
  2. The second technology is Peptibrid™, the next step in the evolution of peptide delivery platforms. Peptibrid (INCI name: Peptibrid) improves the purity and penetration rate of peptides by improving its limitations such as stability and skin absorption. It promotes collagen synthesis and regeneration efficiency.

About the Serums: The Dual Serum encloses two types of serums: the clear Skin Barrier Serum (stored in the top) and the yellow Deep Care Serum (stored in the bottom).

The clear Skin Barrier Serum provides exceptional moisture retention leaving the skin supple and hydrated. The Vitamin C, peptides, and other anti-oxidants in the yellow Deep Care Serum inhibit melanin production for brighter skin while free radicals are scavenged resulting in an anti-oxidant effect. These serums combined with a light peel has left my skin looking the best it has in ages! It’s bright, smooth, clear and hydrated.

Price: USD$75 for a 30-day supply (Box contains (3) 10mL bottles; each used for 10 days at a time). I think it’s so smart to package the serum in 3 bottles to be used for 10 days each–it not only ensures freshness but provides a reminder to mix the serum each time. You can purchase this game-changing skin care product as well as the rest of the Vitabrid line at Barney’s.

Bottom Line: I am so, so impressed with the Vitabrid Dual Serum! I honestly don’t know that I’ve seen such spectacular results in a such a short time with any other product! 

*This article was first published in PrimeBeautyBlog on 1 May 2018, written by Cindy